"Go To Paris" by Karmina
I was commissioned to create a lyric video for the Venice, CA-based band Karmina. I wanted to create a lyric video that incorporated hand-drawn images as well as handmade objects, loosely basing each lyrical line to the sentiment of going to Paris.
"Con Legno"
The term con legno is a term used with bowed, stringed instruments where the player hits the strings with the wood of the bow instead of the hairs. I wanted the visual aspect of the video to aid in those who may otherwise not be familiar with notation and classical music in general.
"Grand Things"
.I wrote this song some time ago and performed it in NoHo, CA with some of my good friends backing me up.
"I Married a Method Actor" by Dominique Generaux
Music created for a short comedy pilot.
"Quartet Two, mvmt 4"
Some performance footage of one of the string quartet recording sessions for the Kickstarter album Opus One.
Kickstarter Video
In 2013 I successfully raised $10K to write, record and publish an album of my own chamber music. This video was created to help raise those funds.
"Stargazing" - Spirits and Cowgirls - Ken Christianson
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Violin Duet #6 - Ken Christianson
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Quartet #2, mvmt 4 - Ken Christianson
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Moros Y Cristianos - A Warrior's Tale - Ken Christianson
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Plumbing Music - Ken Christianson
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"Stargazing" - Spirits and Cowgirls
Analog and digital instruments, for Spirits and Cowgirls, choreographed by Samantha Giron, 2007. (Instrumental, Electronic, Acoustic, Ambient)
"Violin Duet #6"
Piece for two violins, performed by Ai and Mari Nihira, 2012. (Classical)
"Plumbing Pilot"
Music created for a reality plumbing show. Created entirely out of hardware tools. (Instrumental, Found Object)
"Quartet 2, mvmt 4"
Piece for string quartet, recorded 2012 at Oracle Studios. (Classical)
"Doodlebeats" by Sunha
My whimsical song "I Love Colors" is featured in this animation by Sunha.
"Moros Y Cristianos"
Piece for chamber orchestra composed for the Moros Y Cristianos festival in Spain, 2014. (Classical)
Game Sound Design #1
Original sound effects and music.
Commercial Sound Design
Audibel's Hearing Aids needed some ambient music for their commercial.
Exist in Absence - Ken Christianson
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"Exist in Absence"
Electro-acoustic Score for modern ballet, 2010. (Instrumental, Electronic, Acoustic, Classical, Dance Music)
Piece for 2 violins and viola. Composed for Père Music, 2013. (Classical)
"Quartet 2, mvmt 3"
Piece for string quartet, recorded 2012 at Oracle Studios, Burbank, CA. (Classical)
"Frank Nagai vs. Q Tip, feat Led Zeppelin"
Mashup of two very different artists. (Hip Hop, Japanese Lounge, Mashup, Remix)
Frank Nagai vs. Q Tip feat. Led Zeppelin - Ken Christianson
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Quartet 2, mvmt 3 - Ken Christianson
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Shilla - Ken Christianson
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Game Sound Design #2
Original sound effects and music.
Game Sound Design #3
More original sound effects and music.
When the last piece just isn't enough.
Original piece adapted for Dis-Illusions, a modern ballet choreographed by Donna Sternberg. (Ambient, Electro-acoustic)
Ambience - Ken Christianson
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"With Me"
Music from Nightmusic47, mixed by David Pramik. (Indie Rock, Electronic)
With Me - Ken Christianson
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Music composed for a documentary about a zen buddhist monk. (Ambient, Electro-acoustic, Soundtrack)
Sit - Ken Christianson
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Père Music


I compose custom classical music pieces for babies.

Secret City of Amazing Things


As an elementary art teacher I created a building project system that involves a wide array of educational tools that focuses on teamwork, resource management and creative solution skills.


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Ink and watercolor, 8.5" x 11"